Dance in the Rain

by Jeff Yantz

Released 2011
Big Forehead Publishing
Released 2011
Big Forehead Publishing
Folk Pop Rock with a splash of "Skiffle!"
About the Artist:

Jeff Yantz is a Michigan born Indie Singer-Songwriter with that Folk Pop Rock "Splash of Skiffle" sound! He is known for his straight forward style, honest vocals, harmonica wailings and his occasional cutting humor.

Jeff's solo EP titled "Dance in the Rain" is Co- Produced with Yantz by An American Underdog pop master Andy Reed who plays a good bit on most tracks. This is his second release as a solo artist and is a statement to his ability to write a broad range of musical styles. His work ranges from folk pop to gritty rock to gospel-like and back again. With a penchant to create songs that are sad and funny at the same time he's learned that "Life's not about getting out of the storm... It's about learning to Dance in the Rain!"

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