Midland Street Above Mary's

by One Trick Ponies

Released 2015
Big Forehead Publishing
Released 2015
Big Forehead Publishing
Bay City Michigan based band offers Roots Rock, Acoustic Jangle, easily dreamy Americana, majestic, careless, and punctual all at the same time.
1995 "Midland Street Above Mary's" was the first release by the One Trick Ponies. As the music history of our State, our cities and our Mid-Michigan demographic continues to grow (as far as tremendous musical talent and quality songwriting go), this seminal release 20 years ago fell sharply somewhere between The Verve Pipe's blastoff and Jen Cass' leap into popular folklore (again as far as our area goes). It was roots rock, acoustic jangle, easily dreamy and majestic careless and punctual all at the same time. As ahead of the curve of Americana was concerned, the Yantz and Hoogland compositions would offer a depth beyond what anyone had to offer in terms of hipshot couch pen lyricism and the actual ability of exceptional songcraft. Smirky, truthful, in your face and at times giggly like a smartass, the OTP wrote onward into a collective that could touch base on so many levels, their 'three chords and the truth' linage stamped a road few have been able to match since. So fitting that last night's reunion was a time machine of all they once offered and all that still evident now. With Andy Reed on board opening, the passage of fine songwriters continue from the same cloth. And its fans remain abundant, smiling, and thankful--glad to be witnessing something we all connected with personally and for some, professionally. As a songwriter, I was Grateful to be called upon to introduce the band, as a deep friend, major fan and (luckily!) at times a collaborator. Long live the One Trick Ponies and may we not have to wait another 20 years for this poignant reminder that great songs, friends, and a remaining desire to stoke the fire together in a room are more than a moment in time. They are part of our patchwork cloth of life. - Scott Baker Music Journalist / Singer Songwriter

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