That's the All of It

by Jeff Yantz

Released 2014
Big Forehead Publishing, LLC
Released 2014
Big Forehead Publishing, LLC
If you're looking for folksy toe-tappers, sentimental melodies or moody, bordering on dark, musical creations, look no further than these 10 tunes penned, produced and performed by this quirky Michigan singer songwriter.
Jeff Yantz is a Michigan born Indie Singer-Songwriter with an Americana, Folk, Pop sound. He's straight forward Midwestern whether you like it or not! His honest vocals, harmonica wailings, interesting onstage banter, caterwauling, and antics may have gotten the nickname "Mr. Happy" in more ways than one!

"That's the All of It" is a collection of original material that captures some of the essence of his recent two year stint with the No Name String Band in style, but also weaves a tapestry of the Midwestern Americana and world noises he loves so much. "That's the All of It" is self-produced and available in CD and digital formats through Big Forehead Publishing.

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